Road Works

Construction of roads involves the paving, rehabilitation, and/or reclamation of degraded pavements in order to achieve a state of good repair and increase road traffic safety.

Road construction involves the use of asphalt, liquid asphalt, concrete, soil stabilization, rebar, paving and pavement recycling machines, and other road repair materials.

The roads will lead us to new horizons, the bridges will unite different worlds, the buildings will reach new heights, the quality of life of the people will be enriched and together the journey will take us toa bright and better future.

Our mission is to achieve excellence through world-class practices, international quality standards by assuring safety. Our experienced staff of engineers, supervisors, planners, consultants and material suppliers, amply supported by a large labor force, has the knowledge and ability to plan, design, supervise and construct as per the client’s needs, in addition to our facilities and workforce, continues research activities assist us substantially in serving our customers using up-to-date techniques.

UNICBASE has grown from strength to become one of the quality construction partners in the state and an integral part in the development of the nation.

  •  State Highway
  •  National Highway
  •  Corporation of Chennai
  •  Central public works Department
  •  Public Work Department
  •  Airport Authority of India
  •  Educational Institutions
  •  Industries