Civil & Structural Building Works

Our structural engineers’ holistic approach is focused on developing optimal structures that also meet architectural, economic, environmental, fabrication, transportation, and construction requirements. This requires skill, experience, and a detailed understanding of local contexts.

Structural engineering is also about exploring the limitations of materials and getting inspired by nature.

At UNICBASE, we are proud of our ongoing work developing new types of innovative structures and setting new standards in the industry – both in terms of structural concepts and geometric complexity.

We use the most advanced engineering software and develop our own when our needs go beyond the limits of commercially available software.

Structural Engineering Expertise

We design conventional structures as well as advanced structures, such as:

  • Structures made purely from glass
  • Composite steel and concrete structures
  • Structures made from Glass-fibre Reinforced Plastics (GRP)
  • Cable-supported structures
  • Membrane and shell structures

We use 3D modelling (Building Information Modelling) with our clients, architects, and contractors because, in our experience, building projects work best when all parties share a single vision. We are developing 4D (time planning) and 5D (quality assurance) tools and methodologies for our future projects.

In addition to streamlining the design process, 3D modelling makes it possible to use more complex shapes and models than ever before, often resulting in more organic-looking buildings.