Air Conditioning Work

Air Cooling works on the principle of Evaporative Cooling and helps in industrial ventilation through air washers. Air washer is an effective, efficient and affordable way for ventilation of factories, basement, warehouses etc. and it provides desired human comfort cooling temperature.

Unlike Central Air Conditioning which re-circulates the same air, air washer provides a steady stream of fresh air into the required space. This way air washer cost less than centralized air conditioning system and consumes less energy and power as it is done through natural evaporative cooling process

We accomplish this feat every single day, thanks to our team of expert technicians and dedicate personnel who utilize their immense expertise and domain experience to render the best services available.

Some of the advantages are:

  • We are a trusted name in entire HVAC Industry and have executed similar projects with much caliber and precise technicalities.
  • We stand out in terms of our professionals HVAC designers and experts HVAC engineers who make sure to complete the project with their experties.
  • We have dedicated after sales team which takes care of periodic site inspections to make sure air washers are running smoothly.